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placed at 22-May-2001

    The main purpose of this particular page is to make public and to select some articles from the mess of some sites that are all over the net. This is intended to become a storage of links of "astronomical" intrest.
Relax and enjoy this (still short) list of links.


  1. Looks like Bill Yeung needs a new set of lenses on his telescope... 15-Sep-2002

  2. It's a star. No! It's a plane. No! Hooo shhhhhhhugar. It's just Super-man playing baseball again... 10-Sep-2002

  3. The strangest orbit I've ever seen... 29-Ago-2002

  4. You might have seen shooting stars, but this remained 20 minuts till it disapeared... 28-Ago-2002

  5. A meteorite that plunged to Earth in January 2000 may be the first fragment ever found of a primitive kind of asteroid. 28-Ago-2001

  6. Watch out! Venus is going other way... 29-Jul-2001

  7. Hey, Woody. Don't you think that that photon is going a little too fast? 29-Jul-2001

  8. Want to see more than one eclipse at a time? 20-Jun-2001

  9. "Now... lets look for those rare quasars everybody talked about. One, two, three ... a thousand three hundred and three, a thaousand three hundred and four..." 18-Jun-2001

  10. Great picture! See Jupiter, Io and Ganimedes in the same photo. 15-Jun-2001

  11. Be carefull everyone! dwarf is getting brigther every day it goes by... 25-May-2001

  12. How far is the moon from the earth? 22-May-2001

  13. The weirdest orbit I've ever seen! Cruithne's orbit. 22-May-2001

  14. "Mom, mom! I just saw a Quasar! Dam it! I was just a Radio Galaxie..." 22-May-2001