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The archives are in ZIP format. You can extract the images using, for instance, the Winzip or the pkunzip.

The images are in TIFF format (lzw compress) with a 300 dpi resolution and are wonderful ideas to put in documents, newspapers, wallpapers, and so on.


Put this button in your Web Page
with this code:

<a href=""
onmouseover=" window.status=
'Scout Image - More than 1000 images pictures about Scouting...';
return true;"onmouseout="window.status=''">
<img src=""
alt="Scout Image" border="0" width="88" height="31"></a>

The TIFF format is compatible with most of the programs that exist on the market, namely:

-Microsoft Word
-Microsoft Publisher
-and others

The images can be edited using a image processor, for instance the Paint Shop Pro.

Windows 95 WinZip Paint Shop Pro
Windows 3.x Winzip Paint Shop Pro
Mac Zip It! Graphic Converter
OS/2 The Unzip Shell Embellish

Visit us reguraly. Every month added news images.

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